No doubt

gateway of India

That was rainy day in Mumbai. I was coming back from my new office in New Mumbai to Central Mumbai and got off train at CST station. Too much crowd and traffic with people who tried to go somewhere. I run to a building opposite side of station and standing for few minutes. That was a city view I saw first time in India, reminded me Tokyo. I caught taxi and jumped on to prevent from heavy rain. “How much to Colava area?” “Rs50” The driver was old man about 60 years old; he never tried to cheat me about price. “Are you working here?” He asked me with slow English. “You are from Japan?” Usually, I don’t like to be asked my nationality especially in India. Some people cheated me if I told them I was from Japan. However I could talk with him without any hesitation. “No problem! You live here and marry with Indian. Sometime go back to Japan. Life in India and Japan. Good life, No problem.” “Accha Zindagi? (Good life)” He looked happy when I used some Hindi.

This one month could be said really perfect. I can say I enjoyed days in India more than traveling around the world for one year. One of the reasons is that I could achieve re-union trip with my old friends from Ukraine and Malaysia. Only 3 days together in Mumbai and we left to different direction each other, I left to Pune, friends left to Goa and New Delhi. We promised to meet again in somewhere in this world again. The other reason is that I could get many new Indian friends. Time with them was always unexpected and full of fun. In addition, my feeling was changed a lot. Any emotions, happiness, sadness, angry were always 100%. I felt my life between them.

Mumbai C.S.T station

I also visited my new work place in New Mumbai this time. It was not long time but I could know the atmosphere of their office, co-workers looked nice and I think I can enjoy work with them.
There is no doubt that I chose India as a next stage of my life. When the air plane took off ground of India, I strongly felt about it.


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