I got a message from a friend in Bulgaria. I met her last year when I was traveling in Budapest. We took sight seeing together at that time. She told me she is looking for best choice for her life, it means she is looking for the best way to move to Czech Republic. That country is her favorite place, she said when I met her in Budapest.
It is funny that I got her message this time because I’m trying to make decision about the way moving to India.

I have always chosen the way that I could satisfied 100%, especially on a tipping point about my life. When I entered University, participated in a project in Ukraine, job hunting and decided to quit job and took travel around the world. Some people were against my choice or could not understand. However, each choices were the one I could be really looking forward to going ahead. Fortunately, I’ve never regretted my decision so far. I have to be excited more than feeling fear or anxious when I make decision.

I need more few days but I’m sure I will be able to excited after making any decision. Otherwise, it must be wrong choice for me. I hope my friend in Bulgaria also can choose best way for herself. 


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