Vietnamese or Japanese

Japanese don’t think I’m from Japan.

Vietnamese think I’m from Japan.
Italian can’t recognize the difference between Vietnamese and Japanese.
When I talk with Japanese here, they do NOT think I’m from Japan. Even when I talk in Japanese language. “本当に日本人だってば!Really, I’m Japanese (in Japanese)”
Then, they believe I’m from Japan after a few moment.
But Vietnamese knows I’m from Japan. (Or from Korea sometimes) 
A Italian girl who stayed dormitory last night thought I’m Vietnamese. 
“Can you recognize who is Vietnamese and Japanese?” She asked me. 
“Sure. It’s totally different!”
“So how?”
She was serious. An Australian guy said to her, “You can recognize about European nationality because you’re from Europe, right? It is same. For Asian, easy to recognize Asian people.”
“But European is more mixed. I think European is more difficult to know where are they from.”
She was not satisfied with my answer though I explained physical differences between Vietnamese and Japanese.
“Yes, I can understand you are Japanese now. Because Vietnamese don’t talk like you. And Vietnamese girl is shorter than you.”
“Well…yes, generally, they are short. But my hight is not average of Japanese girl.”
“ok. So, I am still not sure about difference each other by looking.”
….Never mind. Nationality is not so important…


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