In Peru

Second county in South America,Peru. The days are almost finished.

Peruvian Art

20 hours bus trip from Lima to Cusco, it was longest bus trip on this journey and I had altitude sickness. I didn’t know that the bus passed through over 4000 meters mountains. I could not enjoy the beautiful view from the window.
Cusco’s night view was quite beautiful, the orange light on the mountain…I felt I was in another planet. And Machu Picchu was also nice. There were a lot of knowledge and ecological way. The bus and train trip from Cusco to Machu Picchu (4 hours), I met one guy from Ecuador. He lives in Galapagos island and told me how nice the nature is.
Everything had been going well but I had my backpack stolen by taxi driver when I came back to Cusco. It was really my fault because I left my backpack in the taxi and left there for a minutes. I never did such a stupid things so far…just made a wrong decision at that time. The guys at the hostel helped me very well, to go to police with me. The boy who went to there with me as a translator said, “I am so embarrassed because I am same Peruvian with that taxi driver. Bad people must be punished!” I know that only few people are bad and most of people is good. In fact, I met a lot of people who was friendly and kind in Peru. But bad thing always give me a big damage. I was so exhausted and wanted to do nothing.
My friend told me that if I lost something, I can get good things more than the things I lost. Well, it is Karma. If I hark back about whole my trip, I was always given very good memories. If I lost something, always somebody helped me and cheered me up.
I’m still very tired. But only one month left until coming back to Japan and I am looking forward to seeing some friends in Costa Rica and New York City whom I met in Europe. “Try to be positive” The guy at reception counter said to me this morning. I am sure I will be fine in next few days.


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