I have no idea how many times was I asked “Are you married?” in this place and felt uncomfortable about this personal question.
This may be just a culture difference but in my country or in Europe, it is not good to ask personal question to someone directly from first time.
Not only in Tanzania but also some Muslim countries or developing countries, guys often asked me directly. If I say “Not married” they try to make me girl friend from the first time I met them.
I am so tired of such a situation. It is almost impossible to get “just a friend” in some places and in Muslim country. In Addition, girls are not used to talk with strangers so I have less opportunity to get girl friend.

I met one guy here and he is Masai. He also asked me same question after few minutes and I asked him the reason. He already knew it was not usual to ask such a question to someone from foreign country and said sorry to me. But for them, it is usual question if they meet woman.
And it does not matter for them if you have boy friend or not. “But your boy friend is not here and if you meet another boy who is better than your boy friend, you can choose as a new one”
I heard same words in Jordan or Israel, Turkey… They looks they have confidence…”I can be better than your boy friend!”
Of course,most of boys here are good person as a friend but because of this situation, I became feeling lazy to meet them again.

This kind of case was happened in India, too. I felt some stress that some guys always ask me some personal question and start to talk about marriage. My friend, he is Indian said “This is tourist place and normal they try to chase you if you are single and come here alone”
Yes maybe…but how is it possible that even if I was walking with around 60 years old guy and they guessed I was his girl friend??? It is totally crazy situation for me…NO WAY!!

Anyway, I already noticed it is impossible to explain the truth so I decided to answer “Married” from next time. There is no choice to avoid from this weird situation…:P

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  1. いずみ より:

    “Married” is the answer.



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