Business in Goa


I had tried getting some information about business in Benaulim, Goa, India. Because Benaulim became my best place after 7 months travel and I want to live in. But there are a lot of challenges that tourists will never know.

Their life depends on tourists. Every business is related with tourism. For instance, restaurant, guesthouse, water sports, meditation and there are already a lot of competition.
In addition, they has only 6 months opportunity to earn money becasue rainy season starts from June to October.In this 6 months, there is no tourist and it means they do not have way to keep business here. Most of people keep working for 6 months without holiday during high season, from Novenver to May. In rainy season, they change the place to work to city or go back to their home villages. 6 months chance for business and every business is tourism, this is character of Goa.

According to people here, there is less tourists than last year. Especially, number of foreigners got down and Indian tourists has been increased last few years.
Because of economic craisis or visa problem in Europe, they said. Here are a lot of elder couple from England and they could gat 2 years visa. However they have only 6 months visa nowadays. A girl from Poland could get 2 weeks visa though it was possible getting 6 months visa before.
Many Russian stay in Goa for a long time but the number of European is getting down these days.

In such a situation, there is people who can get enough money. That is owner of land in Goa.
The owners are from Goa and they has kept their place for a long years. Goa become famous place as tourism and many people who are from another part of India came to Goa to make business. They needs place for it and rent the land from local people.
I was so surprised about the price for rent. It can become 8000 USD for 3 years agreement. It means 3 season, 18 months. Here is a case of small restaurant, there are 15-20 tables. They can earn about 500 USD for a day and total income become 90000 USD for one season.
However, they also have to pay for a lot of things and total profit for one month become around 2000 USD. This is one of good cases in restourant here. And people working in restaurant get only around 100 USD for one month as their salary. Owners never want to sale their place becasue they cannot get money after saling their place. And if you try to buy land, 1 square meter costs more than 8000 Rs (160 USD).

“It depends on place” I do not know how many times I hear this phrase here. Most important thing to make good business is getting good place.
A manager in restaurant decided the place for business in front of big hotel. Actually, there is not special thing but he knew that
the restaurant in hotel earn 2000 USD for break first everyday. Then, he built a restaurant in front of the hotel and get customer from there.
Actually, they do not have so much differences about menu or equipment, even about price. It is strange for me.
Or if there are more foreigner tourists, these differences can be worked.

And one more important thing for me is business partner from India.
I can be cheated about price when I buy something in the market becasue I am foreigner. Of course, most of people is good but it just can be happened.
It’s neccesary to get good partner to make business here.

“Goa is just for holiday. It is ok for us becasue we are from India but for you, better to work in your country” My friend said to me. Yes, Goa may be heaven only for vacation. But this word is not 100% truth for me right now.

Anyway, this is a part of truth in Benaulim, Goa. Tourist will never know.


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