Last wonderful night in Barcelona

My days in Spain were started with bad luck, getting sick or my wallet stolen. But after one week in Barcelona, Spain become my best country in West Europe. Actually, I did not plan to go to Spain when I had left France to Morocco. At last, I stayed in Spain more than Morocco.

Well, the last night in Barcelona was so wonderful time. I have been to “Jazz Si” with my new friend who moved to Barcelona from Argentina and another tourist from France. It was in local area and small live house. First time to see Flamenco, it was amazing! How beautiful the dancer is and wonderful music. I watched Flamenco on TV but live was hundred times great!! I do not have way to express my feeling.
Then we moved to eat something and drink beer. It was Friday night and a lot of people went out for drink. They changed the place few times and every bars were fulled with people and loud music. Every her friends welcomed us warmly and people looked so happy on Friday night.

But some of the entrance of bars, there are message “Keep silence!” or “SSSSsssss” At first time, I thought it was just joke because it was impossible to keep silence in bar. But my friend told me that it is for the time after we go out from bar. Most of them were in ground floor of apartment and some neighbors get angry because of noise by drunk people. So we must take care of people who has already slept late at night. Around 4 am, bars are closed people must spend time in outside until first train around 5 am. But there is secret another way. My friends boy-friend who move to Spain 5 years ago from Japan told me that “Bars are closed 4 am but opened 5 am again….just knock that small door over there, the door will be opened” Of course, not all place will be opened again, local people already know which bar can be opened. Then we can enter another bar again around 5 am. Everyone was still fine and talking each other with some beer. Then we went out of bar and went to Metro station to go home. When we were talking on the street, a egg was dropped in front of us…someone who got angry about our voice through it from floor….yes, We had to keep silence…..

Few minutes later, we found strange guy who looked drunk was standing in front of entrance of Metro. Suddenly, “Oh,his best friend!!” my friend from Argentina said. “What? that drunk guy is!?” He was almost dancing alone there…He was the first friend of my friend’s boy-friend in Barcelona and he was from France. Few minutes later, they started to walk opposite way of Metro. “Ah, where are we going?” I asked the guy from Japan, “Go for beer…” “!!!” Then, we found bar and drink beer and take small breakfast. The guy from France was so funny…He spoke in Spanish and almost kept talking for 1 hour. I met some people from France but everyone was something like crazy. They always said “Barcelona is much better than Paris.Because people in Barcelona is more friendly and open minded.” one guy said “Paris is good place but it will be much better if there is no French…!” Hm, this is popular sentence by tourists from foreign country but French buy in Barcelona said like this.

Anyway, Barcelona is great place. I think this city is more diversity than another big city like NY or Paris, Tokyo. I can see many local people from another country, Africa, Asia, Europe and they are not separated each other. I saw a lot of white and black couple and group consists of different people on the street. You cannot recognize which country you are when you get on Metro because many races are mixed in this city.

Now, Oct 23th afternoon, I am waiting for the time of night bus to Paris. I met a lot of nice people from Spain or another countries, Costa Rica, Philippine, Romania, France, Pakistan, France, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay,Norway…Thanks for all people I met here. AFTER PITY TROUBLE, I LOVE SPAIN THANKS TO THEM!!


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