One of good-bye"s"-Vietnamese currency and Indonesian scarf


We just finished chatting about secret stories each other it happened in this summer when one song “Yellow” by Coldplay was started in the small pub. My feeling was still not good. I named it “European depression”. After traveling in Europe for one month, so exhausted because of being in different culture, Europe.

I took my wallet and opened it. There were two small bag with money from Vietnam and Hong Kong. (some Asian people gave someone it for good luck). One of them were gift from my friend’s mother. She could not speak English at all but my friend gave me at the airport and told me it was from his mother. That was two years ago in Ho Chi Minh City. The other one is from a girl in Hong Kong. She was my friend’s younger sister and she took care of me instead of my friend when she was busy for work. She also could not speak English fluently but I could not find any mistake on a letter written by her. She put her letter and money in the small bag and gave me at the bus station when I was waiting for a but to the airport. It was four months ago.

After a few moments, I showed her and told her about these stories. She took the letter from a girl in Hong Kong and read it.
“This girl might already know that your feeling became not good in Europe.”
“What are you meaning?”
“Look…HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR COMING JOURNEY! GOOD LUCK! …she knew your situation and hoped you enjoy this journey four months ago.”
I took one Vietnamese currency from the small bag and gave her.
“This was good luck from Vietnam and now I send good luck to you. Take care and safe trip to your home tomorrow.”
Actually, it was last night in Budapest for her. She came to Budapest for her holiday from Sofia, Bulgaria.
“Thanks. So I gave you this one.”
She took off her yellow scarf with sun design.
“Because this is from Indonesia, Asia, means your place and look, here is sun so your days in Europe will become sunny from tomorrow.”
We exchanged two things from Asia in Europe and prayed good luck each other.
Now, I am wearing the scarf and writing this memory in a cafe. Unfortunately, it is raining outside. On the other hand, my feeling become better than yesterday and decided to move to Zagreb, Croatia after two weeks staying in Budapest.
I think my weather become sunny when I arrive at Zagreb.


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