Anyo Island mistery

“Let’s go to Anyo Island!”

At that time, we were walking on the road in Kiev. It was over 35 degrees and we had already walked for 4 hours from 7 a.m since the train arrived at Kiev station from Ivano-Frankivsk. We were looking for something interesting in such a big city.
“Hey, do you think we can find something special in that Island? Surely?”
“Yes, because nobody knows what is this place.” He showed me the map and pointed one place in the island. There was strange circle on the middle of the island but no information about it. It looked like everyone must know about this place if there is no detail. We asked many people on the way about this circle but nobody had answer. They just said “I don’t know. I guess just a park.”
More strange thing happen when we reached at Anyo island. There were some people who came back from the direction of strange circle but they also did not know what was that.
“It’s so strange that they did not notice this circle though there was big point on this map.”
We kept going to the direction but could not find any circle. We found one man who was coming from another side. He asked him, too.
“Hey! I god big answer! He said we had already passed this place!” It was amazing answer…but it could be true because we had already passed the middle of the island.
“Aha, I guess that guy is alien from that circle. He told you a lie because he did not want you to know the place. That place is transportation from their planet to earth.”
I was so tired after long walk that I needed special answer about it. Then I decided that place was for aliens to visit our planet. Everyone whom we asked about this circle was alien and they tried to hide the truth. That’s why they just said “I don’t know what is the circle is.”
“They draw big circle on the map to make some interest about this island. It is something like trap to make us come here.”
At last, we could not find any circle in Anyo island. I am still curious if there is any people who visited that island to make sure about that strange circle except us…maybe…not……


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