Mixed Masala


“You finished one chapter in India now. When you finished your whole journey, you become mixed Masala.”
My friend in India said to me at last night there. I will see a lot of things on the way and differences will be mixed in myself. He named it “mixed Masala”.

New chapter in Europe, it has been started in Poland. Actually, first impression in Europe, it was very hard. I could not find the best way to compare with Asia. Because I could not get any friend from local. (You know, it is best way to get friend from local to understand the country.) However I noticed one thing at least. The way to make friend from local is different from Asian countries.

In Asia, I always hear something from local people. If I did not ask them, they talked to me and asked me about myself or my country. I could make friend by being passive. On the other hand, in Europe, I am always needed to talk to them. If I talk to them, they start to tell me about themselves. But most of time, they do not talk to me from them. I must be aggressive here to understand them.

One day, I met one guy from Chili. He said “German is more friendly than Hungarian. For example, they come to me when I was drinking beer alone.”
I could understand what he meant. You may feel some European are not friendly if you are used to BE talked by someone. It does not mean “friendly or not” but this is one of big differences between Asia and Europe. Another guy from Australia who stayed in a village in China told me he was so surprised about their open minded culture to foreigners. But I guess it may be too much friendly for some European who focus on privacy.

Why is there such a difference between Asia and Europe? Some friends from Japan gave me their opinions. “Japanese is Japanese in Asia. It means Japanese is something like special nationality there and they are interested in us. But in Europe, Japanese is undifferentiated from another Asian like Chinese.That’s why you feel it is hard to make friends with local people in Europe.”
“The difference between Asia and Europe is from occupied or occupy. Most of Asian countries were occupied by Europe and US. It was necessary for Asian to know another culture and understand it to accept strangers. That’s why they come to talk. But Europe need to protect their own from another European countries.” Both of them are interesting opinions. I just imagined the differences is from weather, hot or cold.

I could not find the way to understand European style yet but just got some spices from Asia and Europe to make mixed Malasa. I am still thinking how to mix it to make good taste.
Mixed Masala has not been completed yet.



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