Terrible way from Warsaw to Krakow


If you hear “Trouble on the way of trip” you may imagine about losing something or cheated by someone. However my worst trouble was not like that. It happened in the train from Warsaw to Krakow, Poland.
I thought people in Poland can speak English well but actually not much…I could not recognize the train at that time on the platform. There were train to Krakow but departure time was different I was told when I bought ticket on the counter. I tried asking people on the platform but there were only tourists. They were also not sure. Only 3 minutes left until the departure time. Someone told me I had to ask conductor but I could not find them. I showed driver my ticket and asked him is it the train I should take. He checked my ticket and said “Yes”. I got on the train and the train was leaving the station. There was no seat number on my ticket so I tried to find the wagon for non-reservation seat. I asked one girl about the place but she did not know. I decided to sit somewhere and ask conductor about it when they come to check my ticket. Then the conductor came to me and he said “It is wrong train.” The destination was same but the train I took was more expensive one. He said “You should buy ticket for this train.” No way… I asked so many people and also to the driver. I explained the situation. He only told me “No, you must buy.” Then another conductor came to me and said something in Polish. Another guy just said, “So which one do you want? 1st class or 2nd class?” I started to feel upset about their support and did not wanna pay any money for them. They said “15 minutes” and went to somewhere. Then they brought some document to me and asked me to sigh on it. I had no idea what it was so ask to explain about the document. He could not speak English at all and a waiter in the train cafe tried to translate to me. ” You should pay during 7 days. Because after 7 days, there will be additional payment.” What is the payment? Then I understand that they thought I do not pay because I don’t have money…The document is for payment request through post office. “No! The problem is not money! I can pay. The problem is that I asked your co-worker if the train is correct or not before getting on this train. Why should I pay? It is not my fault!” Another waiter helped me to translate and he said “I am so sorry about your situation but next time you should never ask driver. They do not know anything.”
Do not know anything? It was so strange that they cannot recognize their ticket. There was only Polish and it was their train they were driving by themselves. After one hour, they gave me charge return about the ticket I bought. I bought 2nd seat but it cost double price of mine…
Because of this trouble, my impression of Poland is still quite bad. But I must take train again to Praga 2 hours later…I hope there is no trouble like that…

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  1. SKY より:

    oh dear, I faced the same problem like you 4 years back when I traveled from a remote town of poland to Krakow, they still haven't sorted that out. I was not as worse as you at that time. Just like you, I couldn't find the train because all in polish, no clear instruction, and the polish couldn't speak english, none of them could help. Anyway, last minute, I managed to get someone pointing for me – I got into the train, but wrong compartment. I really understand what you feel – I feel really bad too when I was in Poland.




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