July in 2010 will be longest month in my life.
I felt it was long time ago days in India when I got SMS from best friend in Goa.

The first week of this month, I really did not want to leave India to Jordan. Busy to feel sad about saying good-bye to friends. The last night in India, I was in Delhi waiting for flight in the next early morning and calling to one of my friends in Goa for two hours.

Second week was started in Jordan. The first Islam country and I was excited to see different culture. It was also challenge for me to across the border between Jordan and Israel. Everything was new but nobody knows me in that place. I always missed the days India surrounded by many friends. I met a lot of people in Jordan and Israel but did not get any friends there. One week was passed soon.

I arrived at Istanbul in Turkey in third week. Thanks to two new friends from Brazil and Australia, I could only focus on enjoying sight seeing for six days.Istanbul was amazing place and maybe my best place as a tourist area. There were many palaces to see and mixed culture made beautiful view each area. I really enjoyed and started to be excited seeing friends in Ukraine.

Finally, I came back to Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk I was in four years ago. I had thought I could take rest after long journey but they did not allow me to do. I visited some mountains or joined my friends wedding party. It was last ten days.

“How are you? I hope you have good time wherever you are.” I got SMS from India when I came back from wedding party, reminded me I was in Goa in this month. Many things happened and I felt a lot of things.

Mess days…after long July, I can take rest right now. Feeling lazy and just wanna do nothing. However, I must get bus ticket to next destination after turning off my lap-top…



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