Here is Nepali girl!

“You can speak Japanese very well!” Some Japanese or Vietnamese said to me when I was in HCM.
They thought I was Vietnamese. If I told them I was 100% Japanese, they said “I thought you are Vietnamese becasue you look like
and you are always with Vietnamese.”
“But I wondered you are too white as a Vietnamese. haha” One elder business man said…

Here in India, I am Nepali. Especially, in country side not in the city like Delhi or Varanasi.
The manager of my favorite restaurant in Goa adviced me that I had to tell people I am from Nepal, then less people would try to cheat me.
In Darjeeling, I was guessed as a Nepali 100% though I talked to them in English.
It is usual to use English among Indians. They have different local languages in each area so they often use English.
Sometimes,it is easier to communicate in English if the people are from different part of India, my friend told me.
According to my friend, most of people in Darjeeling are Nepali. They usually speak Nepali but their nationality is Indian because they belong to Indian government now.
Their elder generation was born in Nepal and Darjeeling was included in India.

Blitish obtained the rule of Darjeeling and they made tea plantation. Nepali joined the job there.
Even if they have kept to get married only between Nepali, their children nationality become Indian unless they live in Nepal.

And in Benaulim, Goa, I am Korean or Nepali, too.
They had never supposed I was from Japan because Japanese don’t come to Benaulim beach but some Koreans.
After I learned some Hindi, the more people became to think I was from Nepal.
One day, I met Korean guy in Goa. He thought I was Korean and talked to me on the road.
We went to restaurant and spoke in English. I taught him some Hindi words.
The owner of the restaurant were listening our conversation and asked me “Are you from Nepal?” when we went out from that place.

One of my funny experiences in India is my friends tried to bring me from India to Nepal.
It is easy for Indian to across the border, only need to register the car number and number of people if they go to Nepal.
One day, some friends took me for sight seeing in Darjeeling by car. They told me that they show me the market near the border of India and Nepal.
But I noticed that they brought some document to the police of India in the border.
“Do we across the border?!” There was a gate with a message “Welcome to Nepal” in front of us.
“I have already told you that I show you the market in Nepal yesterday.” “No no, I thought the market is in India! I can not go to Nepal without visa!”
“Why? You look like Nepali and nobody notice you are from Japan. If someone ask your nationality, you can just say you are from Tibet.
Because nobody have passport now and Indian or Nepali cannot understand Tibetian language. Nothing will happen.”

After traveling Asia for 3 months, I will go out from Asia and never be guessed as local people outside of Asia.
But if they ask about my nationality, I will answer “I am from Nepal.” Nobody cheat me if I say so…!


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