Days in Benaulim, Goa, India


4th day in Goa. Here Benaulim is quiet and peaceful place near the sea. My friends in Japan recommended to visit Goa. I just booked flight from Delhi to Goa taking a rest. However, I had no information about Goa. There are about 40 beaches. I asked tourist information counter what I need to take a taxi. “Where do you want to go?” The lady asked me and I asked myself…”Where do I want to go?” After the silence, a guy asked me “You want to enjoy or relax?” I answered,”Relax.”
A taxi driver brought me here, Benaulim, No Japanese, a few foreigners, but so many Indian tourists. “Goa almost finished.” A guy said, means high season is winter in Japan. May is hottest season,and rainy season is coming in June. I stay in guesthouse, only paying 250 Rs per one night.
Anyway,days here is too lazy. I thought such lazy days will never come when I was in HCM, Vietnam. But there is totally nothing to do except reading book, chatting, eating, and watching sea on the beach.
I often go to a restaurant next to guesthouse. There is a woman, named Bishnu, from Nepal. She is owner of the restaurant and friendly. A boy who is working there brought a DVD for me. Because I told Bishnu I was really looking forward to watching “MY NAME IS KHAN”. He found it at the rental shop, ( only 30 Rs for one day here) and I could kill time a whole day. Because there were 5 movies in one DVD! Some people came to watch it and they tries to translate for me.
Nothing to do…I often remember days in Vietnam. I was always surrounded by many people like a family. I got angry, had fun, also feel sad because of them everyday. In Benaulim, I can keep feeling quiet. Especially, after that days, I am feeling bored sometimes but it is ok. Busy days will come a few weeks later again.


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