Delhi India


This article was written on May 8 in Delhi.

After 5.5 hours flight from Hong Kong, missing my second home country Vietnam, I arrived at Delhi. It was 2:00 am in local time.
You know, there are a lot of trouble cases on the way to center in Dehli. That’s why I must wait for morning.
I met one Japanese guy who has been here 5 times and asked him to go to center together. We took bus to near New Dehli station.
A kind Indian man made me sit his seat. Everyone in the bus were polite.
After decided a hotel, I walked around Paharganji. This place is very similar with Kathmandu in Nepal. However, more easier to take a walk.
Or am I just get used to be in such a place thanks to bad experience in Nepal?
Well,I am still Korean girl here…one person asked me if I am from Nepal. No way.
Anyway, the first day in Delhi was quite peaceful. I started liking this place…just wish everything gonna be ok. This is just first day.


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