I could met great friends for this 24 years.
Especially, so many people helped me in 2006.

The experiences in 2006 made “core” of my life. Wanna say “Thank you” to all who gave me wonderful time.

Now, I have big dream!!

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  2. Ddee より:

    Hi Kaori, Diana here if you still remember. We have yet to meet face to face but we wrote to each other last year when I was about to go to Ukraine.Reading your blog reminds me again of all the wonderful times I had there, the friends that I met and also… the promise to meet again. So…thanks for writing. How’s life been doing?


  3. Kaori より:

    >SmartphoneThanks for your comment:)>DianaPrivit!Of course, I remember you.I enjoy your blog. You came to Japan last month? Hey,why didn’t you come to Tokyo??I am looking forward to seeing you somewhere in this world…or in Ukraine:)




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