About life of young people in Ukraine


A student in Kiev wrote an article about life of young people in Ukraine.





About Ukrainian young, I wrote a little… You know, I have understood,that it is really hard to talk about so many people, because they are so different.

As for me, young Ukrainians in the cities have the same life, as the young of the most number of countries.
After school many of them continue their learning at universities and many combine studies with work.
The free time they spend with friends in cinema, concerts,night-clubs, going in for sports, internet-clubs… But Ukraine is not rich, that’s why many of people here from littl eage have a great interest in politics and are excited about the future of our country.

Historically the most national mind have Ukrainians,who live in the west part and center of Ukraine. In the east regions live a lot of people, who associate themselves with Russian cultureand our politicians always try to embroil us.

One part wants to be in European Union, another to be with Russia… As for me,
at first we have to be people, who respect each other, and only after to join anyorganizations.
In 2007 the “State institute of family and young people” conducted sociological research “Young people of Ukraine 2007”.
It contained such blocks of questions, as work, education, civil activity,social feel, values, and pastime.

The result of it: 34% of young people not satisfied by the level of education.
Mostly it concerns rural young people and young people from age 14 to 17.
The 81% polled are satisfied by the work and only 19% said that they dislike their work on such reasons: low level of payment andabsence of prospects of quarry growth.

Researches showed that main motivation for work is good payment, interest and social guarantees.
The 48% of young don’t wish to carry one ntrepreneurial activity.
Principal reasons are: absence offacilities and credit inaccessibility, high taxes, difficulteconomic and political situation in the country.
Level of confidence in the own future 55%.
Also many young people are excited about the account of passivity of citizens to the socio-political situation in the country.
The values of the Ukrainian young are unchanged already during a fewyears.

Main in life is health, career and creation of family. The main problem with our young people, I think, is alcohol. As forme, I hate it, because it makes people stupid and poor!

Also my country has such problems as narcotism, prostitution and othernegative results of civilization.
I am talking about problems,because if I say that in Ukraine all is well, it won’t be truth andyou won’t believe me.

If all is well, why nobody knows Ukraine,right?
But I want to say, yes, we have a lot of problems, but wehave already made our choice to change life for better, and I know that some day we will build our own happy and powerful State! Our future is in our hands!

written by Mykola Kiev 21.03.2008 2:15 am



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