This wolrd is being smaller and smaller because of Internet.

I talked with a friend whom I met in Ukraine one year ago. He is from Gresia.

We could talk about the days in Ivano-Frankivsk on MSN.

He said he still have Ori-Duru that we made in Sushi-Restaurant at that time and that two monthes was best time in his life.

This story made me so happy.

And Yen Sim is also near me.

We could shere a lot of wonderful memories easily. The distance is no matter for us.

We promised to visit Ivano-Frankivsk again summer in 2010.

Now, we can have same dream.

I know communication is not on Internet but now our world can be connected if we have lap top and it helps to make better relationship when we meet each other directory.

Can internet make opportunity for people equally??

I try to find the answer through my work now.



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