The Tower of Babel


This is the story when people spoke in the same language. People tried to build the tower that could reach the sky. It made god angry because of the attogance of people. God made people speak in different language each other so they could not help building the tower because they could not communicate.
As you know, this is “The Tower of babel”.

Now,A language is dissappeared from the world in a two weeks. there are 6000 languages but half of these will be perished during this century or 95% will be at the worst.

How many people feel utility about the unification of the language? The people who get a damage by the dissapeatance are larger than the people can take a benegfit, I think.

The users of internet are only 15% in all population. Language is one reason of digital divide. In Asia, there are more languages than another areas and people there have kept to speak in theirs. It is hard to get information for people don’t use English usually. The groth of internet is not developed well without some country,Japan or Korea in Asia.
Fortunately. Japanese can use Internet without English. However the quantity and quality Japanese get from Internet is now enough. The access converges on confined website in Japanese. For example,”mixi” is.

Hundreds years later, what’s happned on this world if people speak in same langage?
What is the benefit or sacrifice?
I’m sure that the knowladges or cultures must be dissapeared but is there any good things? Can they make a unified notion and does it become to be plus factor for them?
The separation of languages by God made a lot of incidents or “country” but also made a lot of wisdom or different cultures.
I wonder the dissapearance of languages will be able to make good result for us.

Now, we do the reverse of “The Tower of babel”.
The power of people may make more changes on this world than god’s.


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