Ryu Murakami


The most popular Japanese all over the world is novelist,not Fukuda-san at least. I could find books of Japanese in any country I’ve been to. Haruki Murakami’s are translated over 40 languages and my friend in Ukraine can also read it in their languege. “Norwegian Wood” was best novel in Korea for 16 years. And even in Japan, this is still popular one now.

BTW, I will not write about Haruki Murakami this time. I will talk about Ryu Murakami.

I read “Kibou no Kuni no Exodus”. “Exodus” means Escape. “Exodus to a country of Hope”. “country” is Japan in around 2002. Junior high schoool students, they are just 14 years old, stop to go to school and make a bussiness and try to escape from Japan that doesn’t have hope any more. Of course, this story is fantasy but not nonfiction. But In fact,a lot of student stop to go to school and this country doesn’t have any vision that can be shared by the nation. This is the story almost real I felt.

When I was in Ukraine, people there has a big dream about their country and their life. They have a image how Ukraine will be changed. I was surprised when I heard about it from high school students. A boy asked me if Japanese students talk about the future of country or not. It’s not special theme as their daily chat in Ukraine.

I take attention to two types of people now. One is who have dream but not resources, money,foods,water,education…the other is have a lot of stuff and resources but not dream. I think Ukriane stands the position between these. Japan is…where?? Ah, I think in the former without some people.

Ryu Murakami express this situation of Japanese well. You may think this is extreme. However we can come to be a people in this story soon if we keep not to look at the real.

I’ll never be.




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