Promise to meet again


“Dopobachinya” means “see you again”, “またね”, this word is used frequently.

The last night in franik, friends asked me how to say “see you again” in japanese.
I told them “Ma-ta-ne” and we waved our hands in the Pelegovolka, the center in Franik with the cold air.

The promise to meet again has not achieved yet.
E-mail is only way to keep out friendship. That’s too bad.

However I could meet two friends whom we made a promise to see again.
They came back from internship in India.
Of course, they has become to love India so much.
A girl, one of the friend who went to Jaipur will spend this end of year in India.
What is the thing that makes her like this? Now I am interested in India.

It is not so easy to achieve the promise to meet again.
But we can notice something new with the other point of view that was made by experiences of friends if the promise is carried out.


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