I visited Malaysia to see Yen Sim, and they are in…


I visited a friend who live in KL,Malaysia last week.

She is one of a friend I met in Ukraine. We had took part in that program,”World Joining Us” for two monthes.
It has already been nine monthes since we said good-bye in Ivano-Frankivsk.

However she welcomed me with the same smile at KLIA.
And her sisters,mom and friends were so nice.
They brought me a lot of places by aranging their schedule.

As you know, there are so many types of people and cultures of Malay,Chinese,India are mixed.
This point is different from Tokyo. Of course,you can see many culture from abroad in Tokyo but I suppose Tokyo do not have such diversity.Because you can see cultures but not people.

Most of them are Japanese. If you can see foreigners there, can we share our cultures enough?
I don’t think so.
There is problem I could not see just for a week. But I think people in KL make their cultures live well each other.

By the way,I could meet nice people from another countries.
I’m not sure I meet them again but the most important thing is that they give me a chance to think about their countries like this time.

So…I don’t not when can I have such a nice experiences next time because of works.
Just thinking to visit Pakistan…don’t know how nice country there at all.

My friend say people are so nice. This is enough reason for me.



One more thing…Oksana gave me photos in Austlia. She also had a good time there.


My manager of “World Joining Us”, Yulia is in Poland now for traineeship!!

Hello Kaori :). I’ great. I’m i Poland now on the internship, MT :).Everything is gerat.Its my 4th day here. It was scary a liitel bit 1-2days,but now its ok 🙂
Peolple in my work really kindly also. I likethem. Finnaly, I can do all things by myself. Its not a problem, polishand ukrainian a little bit similar :)Everything great. I’ve found only yesterday great food for me. Coz itwas owful till yesterday :(. Yulia


My Japanese friend who is in India for tranieeship will be back next month and the other one will go to Poland next month.

Yap, this world can be connected by people, friends!
How about you?
World Joining Us!!



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