New friends who love Ukraine


Long time no see, my dear friends.

I’m happy now because I can find new friends who love Ukraine as me.
One is a girl from Japan. She took part in traineeship in Ukaine for six monthes and she finished it few weeks ago.
I could talk with her online and know how she had great time there.
Actually, I’ve never met her but I took contact with her before I had left Japan to Ukraine.

Now she is in Berlin and back to Japan in Augst.
I am looking forward to seeing her and talk about our traineeship each other.

And the other person is Diana who is from Singapore.
She is a member of AIESEC and go to Ukraine,too.
I’ve never seen her before but I talked with her on e-mail after I came back here and before she left her country.
I can know how she enjoys her life in Ukraine by her blog.
(you can read her blog from my link)

Who is next loves Ukraine, our second home country?

photo :
My memories
“HEIWA” from the window in Ukriane
Short Best Trip with my dearest friends in Ukraine


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