The country you love.


Four monthes have already passed since I left Ukraine.
As you know, I said “I LOVE UKRAINE” during this four monthes entirely.
I don’t know how many people became to feel that Ukraine is great country through my experiences.
Actually, there’re better ways to make people know about Ukraine, I suppose.
If I had talent to involve more people! ne zuna ju, how many time I thought like this. The influences I can make is small. I’m impatient with my agent many times.

By the way, I have one question that I haven’t met people who tell me how nice the country they have been to frequently. There are many friends go abroad around me but they don’t talk sufficiently after their trip. That means, I wonder if they enjoy the life in the country or they like there. I met few people who make me feel really want to go that country they’ve been to. But just a few.

The world can become to be smaller if we can exchange the things we felt during trip each other??

Where is country you love?
How nice people in the country?
I wanna know how did you feel there because world is infinity like space for me!
And it’s impossile to know all just by media or books but your experiences as most exciting and fresh information!


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