Pysanka Exhibition in Tokyo


Pysanka Exhibition is taken place in Tokyo now.
I met Mr.Hryhorij Dyczok there. He was born in Canada but his parents is Ukrainian.
His works are very nice!!! I could see a lot of beautiful eggs!!!

He told me Ukrainian independence day is Aug,24th so people in Toronto hold ceremony every year that day. There are many Ukrainian in Toronto.
Ah,I wanna go there!!!!

And he introduced me some music.
I asked him what’s the meaning of the songs in Japanese but he just said “I cannot translate”
Then I asked again, “How about English?”
He said “No,no”

The song was about Love but there are five types of word that means Love in Ukrainian language. That’s why he couldn’t.
How nice if I could understand Ukrainian words!

Pysanka has also many means each other.
I like the design means “Peace”,of course 🙂


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