Light side


What kind of image about Ukraine do YOU have?
People here I met had dark image about this country. Why??

I visited an organization was concerned with Chernobyl’ last week. Actually, I was looking forward to talking about Ukraine with them because I supposed they knew about Ukraine well. There were a woman who’s been to Ukraine to inspect influence of Chernobyl’ before. I tried to speak with her but she chenged her expression seriously when I asked her where she visited. I realized she would start to talk about condition that was not good, means how terrible where she visited.

I didn’t have enough time to ask her about the detail of it. Then I talked with another people there after that. I showed them some photos and musics and they were surprised of the beauty of the town and songs. Probably, They also had not been able to see the light side of this country.

ya, Ukraine has a lot of sad histories but surely they have big dreams on their country now. I saw a lot of people who were talking about their dreams with smile.
I want YOU to see light side more. Perhaps their power for future is stronger than ours?

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  1. Vasyl より:

    You are correct when you say there are lot of dark images of the country, and it’s not just the image of Chernobyl. The question of the unsolved murder of < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Georgiy Gongadze<> still looms over the country, and is still discussed in many circles within society.But you are also correct that there has been an upswing in attitude in this country, where I have been living for nearly the past eight years. When I arrived here in 1999, I seldom saw young couples with children. This has changed a great deal over the past 5 years… and it gives many a great deal of hope.


  2. Kaori より:

    Thanks for your comment.Ya,I was really surprised when I heard many Japanese have terrible images about this country but I was before I went to Ukraine.One reason is that Ukrainian government doesn’t inform world of thier country well, I heard.I hope people all over the world can notice many possiblities of Ukraine soon!



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