World Joining Us!!


I like the name of project, “World Joining Us”.
I was a trainee of this project and I’m also one even now.

The moment I feel happy is when my friends say “Ukraine became to be familiar with me now.” by telling about Ukraine. Most of all people ask me “Where is Ukraine?” at first when I start to talk about my experiences there. Then they are surprised when they know Ukraine is largest country in Europe and have a lot of neighboring countries. (Hungary, Slovakia, Rumania, Moldova, Poland, Belarus’…hmm, How nice to go for trip to these countries!!)

After the traineeship, I’ve tried to tell Japanese about Ukraine. Actually, the part I saw for only two monthes was small and it was not all, of course. However I needed 90 minutes at least to tell my experiences and things I felt for two monthes when I took place a event of my traineeship in my University. Because friends in Ukraine gave me many photos, movie,music and so on…(I wanted to show them all!!!!!)

A girl here said “I’ll not ignore any news about Ukraine if I find it from now on. I didn’t know about this country and even the place before you went to Ukraine but now I know this country has strong passibility and people have rich heart.” Another friends said same thing to me.

I became to be interested in new things I’d never. That is Japanese music.
Because my friends in Ukraine asked me about Japanese POP Music sometimes. Of course, I listened it usualy but I didn’t know name of songs or singers that’s why I could not explain it.
Now, I send songs when I write e-mail to Ukraine.
(hey, how about it??>Ukraine)
(And you must listen Ukrainian songs!!! It’s realllllllllly nice!!!!!!>Japan)

I’ll graduate from University next month and start to wark at IT company.
I’m looking for a specific way to support their dreams and possibilities in Ukraine as I work at company now.


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