Starting 2021 with Japanese archery


Happy new year 2021!

Probably no one imagined THIS was coming about this time last year. So many unexpected things had been happening and 2020 was the year I will never forget in the rest of my life.

The beginning of 2021 was the time to think of my future again. I do not know from when but I was just letting the days slip by without my own vision last year. It might sound like an exaggeration but l tried to be someone I was actually not. I learnt many by the best and the worst in 2020.

So, I needed something which would make me feel myself at the beginning of 2021. I searched on Internet and what I found was Japanese archery which I wanted to do from my teenage years. The number of attendee was limited due to state of emergency by COVID-19. Only four of us, everyone was beginners and jumped into this class by self because of the simple reason that we wanted to do something new. This sounded very positive.

We wore Japanese uniform and used real bow and arrow after 2 hours practice. The distance to the target was 28 meter, pretty far away!

At the end, experienced Japanese archery for 3 hours, four of us asked the teacher how we could apply for official class. Everyone loved this and excited to continue the practice. We were very happy to find something we would like to do in 2021.

Only 10 days have been passed in this year. There are already many news which I would not appreciate. I never know what would be happening this year yet but I should spend time effectively. No plateau in 2021.


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