10 things I do against Japanese rule after 3 years in Mumbai



1. Ignore the line when I was waiting for train. 
Why should I need to be in a hurry to get on the train in Japan? Never required. Train will always wait for you so no rush, no push.

2. Step in with shoes where I actually needed to take off shoes.
Be told “Excuse me, please take off your shoes.” when I went to fitting room with shoes and still don’t know what is the face cover for there.

3. Just cannot understand people going out on daytime under hot weather.
Summer, daytime, over 30 degrees now. What is the importance to go out under this situation, be easy people?

4. Try to confirm the plan even after it was already fixed.
Even the plan which had been fixed one month before, I don’t need to doubt the plan might get changed in Japan. Confirmation is not required here once the plan is fixed. In India? You must be a strange person if you try to make plan for next month and it will 200% get cancelled.

5. Always under strong pressure about punctuality on the way to meeting point but still never be on time.
30 min delay is a BIG guilty in Japan. I do leave home with enough time but do make delay because I lost my way at metro station.

6. About to tell my name at Starbucks.
It was called miracle when Starbucks guys wrote my name correctly on my cup. “Kauri” “Karoi” “Kaury” were my names there. Starbucks in Japan never asks your name and still the order comes correctly after 2 min. This is not miracle in Japan. It’s common.

7. Ignore red signal if the car is not coming.
I follow signal only when kids are there. They need Japanese education to survive among Japanese people.

8. Unconsciously avoid eating chicken as much as possible.
No need to pick up Non-vegetarian page on the menu, yay! BUT need to pick up section without chicken. NO MORE CHICKEN PLEASE.

9. Cannot sleep in the silence.
Can you please make noise with rikishaw near my house? Little noise is fine.

10. Say “Theek hai” instead of “Okay”
I do not correct even my friends look at me with question mark. All Theek hai.

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  1. Anuja より:

    Bwahahahaha! I should write a similar thing when I go back to India! Esp how people in Mumbai will ridicule me for patiently waiting in line for train and signal!!


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