Starbucks in India


Starbucks coffee is opened in India by TATA group which is one of the biggest financial cliques in India. This is kind of big news in Mumbai now. 1st branch is opened in Mumbai. I had not caught up with it, my friend called up to me last weekend, “Do you wanna go to Starbucks coffee?” I said, “Starbucks in Mumbai? What are you saying!?”. After one week, I have been there to check the reaction by Indian people. The long queue was in front of the shop which is center of town. I don’t really remember when Starbucks was launched in Japan. However, it might be also a big sensation at that time. I am lucky to have chance in Mumbai to feel the moment which I missed in Japan few years ago.

Tea, which is called Chai in Hindi is more popular in India. They have huge tea plantation in north area like Assam or Darjeeling which was made by British people in 19 Century. Indian tea is most lovely drink here and even each small shops on the street have awesome taste. People just love it and have it several times in a day. On the other hand, India has good coffee as well. Starbucks use original coffee from India. It can make big change in their history if this business is going to success.

The price is quite reasonable, largest size of frappetino costs 180 Rs except tax. I supposed the price could be world standard but even many collage students went there. They looks very happy to taste very first Starbuck in India. In addition, we were afraid that the taste could be very sweet since Indian people love super sweet but it was also avoided… People are saying the price can be going to hight little by little which is often happened as their business strategy and I agree with this opinion because Starbucks menu seems quite acceptable for Indian people.

A scene we saw there was quite curious. A big Muslim family came and they started pray inside of the shop because they have common practice several times in a day. And even very old woman of their family was having frappetino. It is very curious view for us since we don’t find elder people in Starbucks in Japan normally and most of people come there with friends or alone. But in India, this place can be the place for family on the weekend. India always show us something original even at the big chain store all over the world. By the way, the original mug has illustration of Gate way of India and cricket player except that mermaid logo, costs 500 Rs. I bought one for the memory sharing the new history of India which was brought from USA with Indian people. Let me see if coffee can be popular as much as chai in India.


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