Going to Japan in 2nd year in Mumbai


After 1 year here, I finally decided going to Japan for holiday. Some of my friends were surprised because they thought I will not come back here or some of them said what was wrong with me. Basically, there is no negative reason. I don’t miss Japan, I don’t miss food (mean, not much..), I don’t miss atmosphere. Everything is fine being in Mumbai so far.

So I am bit afraid what if it is not right time for me going back to Japan even only for two weeks. If I go back there, I can lose something I have grew up in myself in Mumbai last 1 year. This is a kind of fear I am feeling. On the other hand, I can forget something which I had grown in Japan for 27 years. I want to be a Indian but I want to be a Japanese as well. To keep the balance between these totally different types of human race, I decided to take leave in winter time which is my favorite season.

2nd reason is to test my real mind. Every end of Sunday, I look back the last one week if it was worth to spend or I did tried making the week best. Then, I must appreciate all people who brought me chance to see new things, new people. I could get any good things because of people around me, not my effort or my own luck. The reason I am here is people. Friends who take care of me, involve me to their life or even the people who just met me one time and shared good time, they always make me believe I should be here and I must complete something here in my life. I don’t want to escape from here without any completion as a proof I am here, Mumbai. This time, I want to try my mind if I will miss Mumbai life when I am in Japan. My heart is always honest. If I will be able to miss Mumbai, people here, it means my choice is correct I decided to be here. I will go back to Japan to make sure my mind about this place. This is the 2nd biggest reason.

2nd year has been started. I am always feeling lazy or afraid to start something new which I cannot suppose what will happen in future. But even the fear was gotten rid of because of new friends who has already tried what I want to do and made up my mind.  “I have to take action now.” People here encourage me, motivate me. I will start to prepare and collect idea for my next plan in Japan and India. This is 3rd reason going back to Japan.

Tonight, my friend whom I met in Budapest 2 year ago said to me she was happy to know my dream came true. I had spoken to her how much I wanted life in India and how I liked there when I was facing lonely time in East Europe. She knows me myself who was in 2 years ago. Probably, it seems there is progress in my life and my dream has come true from her side. My dream is updated at the moment when I achieved what I want. Hence, even I can hardly realize I made any progress in my life. I may never be satisfied with. The sound “2nd year in Mumbai” makes me only hurry to reach next destination. I wish this trip to Japan will be able to the a phase to change my life.



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