Cold coffee in Bombay

On Saturday in Bombay town, we were looking for cafe to drink cold coffee. Since it costed Rs 400 at first cafe we entered, we left there and went to another cafe which was popular in town, tourist area. There were cold coffee and my friend ordered it without milk and sugar. “No Milk, no sugar!” She said clearly to the waiter. Then, the waiter could not hide his surprise, he looked totally confused and said to us seriously “Then how to make cold coffee?”. I could not understand what he said, what’s the matter? We just asked him to bring black cold coffee. After few minutes, the waiter brought cold coffee which she ordered. This incident reminded me that my roommate had also complained they put a lot of sugar in cold coffee when we went to cafe near our place. It was absolutely sweet for us.
After that, my colleague told me it is normal they put sugar and milk like a sweet milky-frothy coffee in India. In Japan or Korean, only black cold coffee comes when we order cold coffee and we have to put sugar or milk as much as we want by ourselves. At last, that black cold coffee was categorized “American coffee” on the receipt, costed Rs 45 which was much cheaper than normal cold coffee on the menu. Indian prefer sweet tea called Chai, plenty of milk and sugar. Regarding coffee, they have their original style here. This was small culture shock on this weekend.


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