Live in future or present


I’m a person who wants to live in present for future. I always want to have dream which I want to achieve, no matter it is big or small. I want to make my own business in India, I want to master Hindi, I want to make good photos, always have something “want to” and try to make present action connect to these wishes. If I spent a day without any action to achieve them, I feel guilty. I remember one book, “make a priority in your days and the 2nd priority action is the most important thing for your future.” For example, today, I have to go to mobile shop to pay my bill because I could not do online with some error, it is 1st priority for today. But secondly, it must be better to spend for a few hours to study Hindi. 1st priority is not for future but 2nd is.

I have no idea, normally, how people spend time for future or present, which balance is good for each. For me, I want to spend 60% for future and 40% for present each days if I can. I want to enjoy present, of course, but make my days for future more than present. Even if I hope so, normally, I am busy to work and getting tired after working 10 – 12 hours, my plan has been destroyed on weekday so easily, then, I felt I am loser today again at the end of the day when I go to bed.

Last night, a younger boy said to me it is not good to think about future too much. If I cannot enjoy present, so what the future for? I could understand what he wanted to say. But at least, I know if I focus on fun, I can easily waste my time. The balance between present and future which he can feel best a day is “25% for future and 75% for present.” hmm, am I thinking about future too much? I don’t know why I became like this, means think of future more than present. I forgot who taught me it is most important and can be a big pleasure to have dream and achieve it in my life. Without it, I really cannot enjoy my days and be excited about my life. If I have two choices that  I can enjoy everyday till the end of my life or I may be suffer or need big effort and patient everyday but finally I can achieve my dream, I definitely choose second one.  I can live my life with dream but not only with fun.

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