Why people still stay in Fukushima?


“Why people are still staying in Fukushima even in such a dangerous situation?”

I was always wondering when I saw the news about Fukushima after 3.11. It is clear that that place is not safe to stay without any risk for their health, government allowed them who lived within 3km from nuclear plantation to go back their home at once last week though. “Do they believe information by government?” It was strange if they still trust the day will come soon they can get back to their usual days like before 3.11. because another media like twitter or SNS insist opposite opinions from government and it is worth to believe more than information from government for their future. Our government has kept saying “There is no danger which happen soon.” It means it can be after 10 or 20 years, people can get cancer or any disease like Chernobyl victim.

My friend who was born in Fukushima, 21 years old boy, married in this home city left Fukushima to Kyoto for his two little children. He tweeted “I regret I did not make my family leave Fukushima before March 15.” I asked him why and he told me it was raining included a lot of radiation on March 15. Then additionally, asked him what is exactly a reason people still keep staying in Fukushima, whether they believe official information by government or not.
“Actually they don’t think they can go back home. But if they think so, it means they gave up their beloved home town. They just need something to believe in. Nobody trust information by government. People in Tohoku area love their home town strongly. Some people love the place more than their own life. It was happened same to me. Even for me, it was really hard decision to leave my home even for my children.”

He knows it is better to evacuate from Fukushima.

“Because of our mind that is not easy to control by themselves, government have to force evacuation against people as a rule.” I said “Government cannot grant their living after they left job in Fukushima. It may be a reason they have not made force.” “…Economic or money are more important than people for politician? Nation cannot stand without citizen.”

Our prime minister was changed again. Present prime minister will not be got on responsible for future of children in Fukushima 10 years later. So who can have responsible for our future if they left their position as a leader of one country so easily?

日本の放射能に関してドイツの番組 (2011/8/29アップロード)



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