Looks nothing happen in Japan on media


On August 23, one of the most famous entertainers left TV industry. It was top news in Japan and you can still watch this news looks most important incident on TV. I have already been disappointed about the quality of Japanese media since I was University student. Until that time, I could not recognize how terrible our media was, especially the quality of news. When I talked with students who were same generation with me in Ukraine, I was shocked because they were interested in politics or international affair by not only TV but also internet. When I was in Malaysia, I could hear news about all over the world by different languages from radio. It was usual for them to know what is going on in our world. On the other hand, it is absolutely true that most important thing for Japanese TV station is getting good audience rate like entertainment program. They tie blindfold over our eyes from even the reality of our own country by showing something funny on TV.

It looks nothing happen in Japan now. The reality is far from our usual days. By the way, what about new clear plantation, radiation, the strategy by government to improve this situation? If you only watch TV or news on Internet in Japanese language, you may forget about that tragedy which happened only 6 months ago. Or you may say “We have to save the electricity! But actually what is for?” when you saw weather forecaster were explaining about percentage of electric power of tomorrow as if it had been informed everyday from long time ago. Why should we use the map of radiation forecast which was made by German? Because we don’t have it, it means it is not so important for us.

“Be careful. When Japanese media is taking up only entertainment as top news, government is hiding something important behind them.” This tweet was going around on twitter at the moment when the famous entertainer retired. They guess government is handling important information and we need to pay attention in this situation. Actually, our present prime minister, Mr. Kan will be retired soon and politicians are busy to decide new one. It looks important for us but I cannot make sure what they will do after repeating to change prime minister, nothing has been changed so far. Only people who are used to use SNS or YouTube can catch real news by informed by individual. Even if there is no evidence if the information is true or not, it must be much better to trust industrial media. At least, you can choose information what you want to know. On TV, you have no choice. Why can it be second news that a teacher in primary school kissed his student?

I know some foreign media were taking up that earthquake like the end of Japan and it was not reality at all. People wore mask not for radiation but for pollen. We were not in a panic, we helped each other. Foreigners who live in Japan tried to broadcast reality from our side to the world to stop spreading the false rumor. It is also not good to make it larger. However, it must be said we have to catch up with latest information without relying on domestic media. It is surely truth big matter happens right now and we should not accept our government without questioning.

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  1. decimal shoes より:

    i see you have been to Indonesia?
    where is it? 🙂
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  2. Kaori より:

    Thank you. I have been to only Bali. It was my first trip to abroad when I was 6 years old..




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