My last journey with my best friends in my best country, then…

How hard to be in freedom. I know decision have to be made by myself not by even my close people. However, how difficult it was. I still don’t know this will be best decision for me but how I can know before taking action. Let it be…

My last journey will be taken with my best friends in my best country. After traveling around the world, i could not recognize where and when was my last moment of my long journey. Came back to Japan and went to Vietnam for one month…even after coming back Japan again last month, I was feeling not comfortable. Because I had not decided what I should do as a next step. The end will not come without beginning .

My brother in Ukraine and my great friend in Malaysia, both of them, who gave me opportunity to notice important thing about life 5 years ago in Ukraine will come to India with me. India will be a place of reunion for us.

After spending time with them, I will live in Mumbai, big city in India. The real end of my journey and beginning of my new life. I want to find next challenge during a year in Mumbai. 


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