quantity or quality

I read interesting sentence on a book.

-A guy asked someone which line he should take to his destination at train station in New York City.
“You should take A line. You can reach 4 minutes earlier than another line.”
He thanked and asked one more question.
“By the way, what I should do by using the 4 minutes?”-

This story express the priority of quantity and quality. A guy who asked question is a person lives in the world of quality. The other one lives in the world of quantity.

I guess most of people who live in developed country care about quantity more than developing country. Time is passing faster than the other one everyday. I felt one day was much longer than Tokyo when I was some countries in Asia or Africa, South America last year. (Some people looked they didn’t care both of quantity and quality…they were just lose…)

However it is also true that I have never found a country that had good balance both of quantity and quality except Japan. For instance, you can get delicious food on clean plate for a short time at Japanese restaurant. I could eat a lot of more wonderful local food than Japanese one in South east Asia but their quality never could be better than Japanese one. The restaurant or street shop were not clean like Japanese restaurant even if the food was excellent.
I met many great handy craft art in Africa or South America but they needed long time to finish each works. (Of course, their art had special thing which could be made only by hand work.) Japan   keeps quantity and quality about everything.

On the other hand, I also want Japan to be more slowly. Or I can say so only about Tokyo. Okinawa has great balance of quantity and quality in Japan. I recommend to visit south of Japan when I am asked about good place to travel in Japan by foreigners.
If you are planning to visit my country someday, visit Miyako island near Okinawa. You will see a big difference between quantity and quality world in this small country.



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