Purpose of traveling around the world

My days in Japan is passing quietly,have time to remember each moments of my journey and noticed one important thing about it. That is the purpose of traveling. “Traveling around the world” sounds special thing and it is true not everyone can do it even if they want. But it is also true this kind of traveler isn’t rare nowadays. So it must be needed to have any purpose if you use your time and money for it.
I met a lot of travelers who were keeping journey for long time, over one year sometimes. Some of them were very interesting but some people were not like that. What is the difference between them? The reason is whether they had purpose for their travel or not.
Even for me, I could give up my trip if I didn’t have any purpose of my trip. I had problem about situation sometimes and my purpose “find one place I want to live in and work” helped me to make decision each moment. I needed to see every countries I was interested in to find the place. That’s why I could complete my all plan. However, I met some people who lost their next step after traveling. They quited job and use a lot of time and money to achieve one dream “traveling around the world” but after achieving this dream, they lost next way and just stopped one place before reaching home. It was really sad situation. “I don’t want to go back to home, I have no job and my own place, so I must go back to my parents house. But I know my parents will ask me what I want to do next. I have no idea. It’s really hard to find job in my country now.” A German girl who was traveling for over one year and had a lot of knowledge about each countries said when I was in Buenos Aires.
Traveling around the world may be special thing but it is also same with another experiences. Because it can be nothing if you don’t have any purpose on the action. And I think it is also can be said the clever person can learn everything even if he (she) doesn’t take long travel.
I never thought my journey was waste of my time but if I did not have any purpose and could not get any answer, my time for one year and experience could be nothing.
I hope “Traveling around the world” cannot be the way to run away from usual life or traveling itself become a purpose to achieve. This must be one of the ways to achieve something.



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