How lazy they are…

I went out with my friends after work last night, it was around 11:30 pm. We ate pho (Vietnamese noodle) and went around neighbor. Still busy in Ho Chi Minh City, people drink beer on the street and also in bars.
My Japanese friend found his friend in front of a building. He was also Japanese and lived here. We were chatting for a whole and after few minutes, he rang a bell of the building.
“Are you waiting for someone?”
“I’m waiting my owner of apartment open the door.”
The building was his apartment and he rang the bell several times but his owner had not come to open the first floors door for him.
“Why? Is your owner going out?”
“No, he is inside. Maybe he is watching TV now.”
I could not make sense at all. If he was there, he could come to down stair and open the door soon.
“Does’t he notice the bell?”
“No, he must notice but watching drama. He will not come until commercial…”
“…Is he always like that?”
“Not always like this but once in ten times, he will not come soon. I have to wait for him.”
“Why don’t you ask him the key of this gate?”
“I asked before. But the person who lived here more than 2 years also could not get the key from him. I don’t know why.”
After around 20 minutes, an old guy came to open the door and he could come inside.
This is Vietnam. Our common sense does not work here…


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