Japanese in Ho Chi Minh City

I didn’t meet many Japanese when I was traveling last one year but can meet some funny Japanese here, in Ho Chi Minh City.

On first day, I met two guys. The one was from Shimane, the other was from Akita. First guy was 32 years old and he was working in Shimane. One day, he decided to go out from Japan. He never told his company, family or girl friend about it. He took ferry to China, traveled for one month. On March 11th, that earthquake happened in Fukushima and he decided to go back to Japan to participate in volunteer by NGO. “I have choices now. I can keep traveling or going back to Japan. But I don’t have any purpose for this travel. So it is better for me to go back and help people. I can be hero and may meet interesting people there.” He bought a big military bag and instant noodle for next one month and left to Japan next morning.
The other guy from Akita, he was working as a assistant of fashion artist. However he could not get any salary. He decided to take travel and quit his job. “I don’t know English. How should I say if I want to invite a girl for dinner?” He was really easy-going…not afraid anything. He went to Northern Vietnam by taking night bus.

Another day, I met two more Japanese, who is doctor and 31 years old, the other one is only 19 years old girl. They met here and went out for dinner together. One night, when I went to bed, they came back to hotel and said “I was so scared!”I went out for drink with them after 11:30 pm to hear their story. A taxi driver tried to rip them off and the door was locked by him. They could not get off and a Australian guy came to them to help. They appreciated to him and started to drink with him after the accident. He looked very kind but suddenly he shouted and the girl was gotten thrown out. They could not understand what happened at the moment but some Vietnamese asked them to run away.
“I took travel a lot from student time but it is worst experience I ever had.” He had to change his flight to Japan earlier because of infection of nuclear plantation in Fukushima. “I will go to Fukushima for work. My co-worker said I should not come but I have to go there. Most important thing is present, not future for me.” He left to Japan 2 days ago.
19 years old girl, who quited her University, had 2000 USD and will go to India after Thailand. “Did you travel like this before?” I asked her. She said “No. But I respect my brother. One day, he came back from middle east with wearing turban. Now he is working as carpenter and artist though he can not earn enough money, he is enjoying his life. I was influenced by my brother.”.
She left to Cambodia.

I was with them only few hours but they looked enjoying their time with a lot of choices. Best wish for their road and hope they keep enjoying their life.



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