different life

I met two friends in New York City. One is a guy whom I met in Budapest in August, the other is from Ukriane I met in Ivano-Frankivsk 5 years ago when I participated in internship. They told me about their life this time.

“I decided to start traveling around the world in this year. I will quit my job in July,go to Poland to see my parents and take examination to enter Universitry again for next year, then I will start!
So excited now but cannot believe this decision become true.I was sitting in front of PC for 4 years, enough for me…really cannot understand why my boss or co-workers can keep it for 20 years. Hey, anyway if you will travel again, what will you do? Will you make any difference?”
I said to him, I don’t need to travel any more, just want to stay one place and make something.
However if I did not take this journey, I would be still dreaming to go out from Japan and complain about my life. I am satisfied now. He said he may feel the same after his travel for one year.
We went to China town and drink Tapioka Ice tea. He had never tried but it became his favorite.
“I really like it. I can imagine how wonderful Asian food is. Wow, I’m sure I try to eat loal food and enjoy it in Asia!”
After that, he asked me what kind of backpack is good for travel in sports wear shop. He looked like little boy in toy shop. Right now, he is just excited to go out from his usual life and see different things. I was same with him before this journey.

The other friend from Ukraine, he is studying and working in New York City for 3 years. He showed me around as NYC is his own home city. He took a lot of photo for me as a last memories with great camera. Yes…it was the one for professional. As it happens,my camera was broken in my last day in Costa Rica. It was big luck for me that he suggested me taking photos.He has good camera, latest version iPhone, Apple lap top.
“I had never expected I live in NYC when I was in Ukraine. First few months were really terrible. I didn’t have anyone I could rely on, could not speak English, could not find job.”
“How did you find job?”
“Well, one day a woman were looking for a bus, I knew which bus should she take so I helped her.
She asked me where I was working and I told her i was looking for job. Then she said I could come to her restaurant.I started to work her place as a waiter. You know, good thing will return to yourself if you do something good. But first two months were hard. I could not remember a lot of menu and recognize the differences of each dishs. I called to my mother like a child. Mom, I cannot do anything here.But I got good friends here and they helped me a lot.”
Finally,he got different life in NYC.
“Have you missed Ukraine? Which city is good to live in for you?” I asked him.
“Not really. I am fine here and you know life in Ukriane and here is totally different, impossible to compare but I can get money and get something I want here.
You will see a lot of new things even if you live here more than 10 years. Here is a lot of things to do. But I don’t know after 2 years, I mean after University. I want to go to China but this time is hard to get job there,you know.”
He gave me all photos he took that two days in NYC. “Come here again in Summer. I give you a room to stay and show you around more.”

Both of my friends are enjoying to create their own life and they never afraid change that they cannot expect.They just cannot afford to be afraid because they are excited to face different life.
I am happy for them and appriciate to meet them again in last stop of this journey.
My journey was finshed but I also want to be like them in my whole life.



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