What are you feeling?

I am in Manuel Antonio, south of Costa Rica today. Days in Costa Rica are very nice thanks to my friend and her family in San Jose. I left their house this morning and come here after three hours trip by bus. I was thinking a lot of things on the bus. Especially, about days after coming back to Japan. My journey will be finished soon. I will be home a week later.
“What are you feeling now? Do you want to go back to Japan or keep traveling more?” A girl I met here who is from Germany asked me. Last one month, I was asked same question by someone several times.
I am afraid to go back to Japan. I got a lot of energy from all people I met last 11 months. They showed me many things and told me how nice the world is and how is it important to achieve something what I want in my life. I want to do something before losing this energy. Traveling around the world is good experience but it can become nothing if I will do nothing after this journey. I just don’t want to make me feel lazy to take action.
Tomorrow, I will go to the beach with that German girl and it will be last time to be on the beach on this journey. Some of my important memories were made in the place near the sea and ocean reminds me memories in each countries. I will be remembering these things tomorrow. After that I want to spend time to think about my future more than remembering my journey, before losing my energy.



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