Spanish is necessary to enjoy Chile fluently. Especially out of capital. I know people in Chile are nice and very friendly but unfortunately most of them cannot speak English. I traveled with person who can speak Spanish in Argentina and also in Santiago. They translated conversation and I could enjoyed local communication. However, after moving Valparaiso, it become harder to communicate with them even in the hostel. Guests are also from South America and main language is Spanish. They are good and always say, “Hola!”(Hi!) each other but I cannot talk with them…God, I had never imagined the place English doesn’t work…South America is next to North America, English native country but European people can speak English better than them. Now, I know how strong the Spanish colonization history they had.

By the way, wine and meal are quite nice here. Wine is very cheap and I can buy bottle of wine even in fast food place. Wine is like soft drink like coke or sprite here and very cheap, only 3 USD…And seafood is also good. They have same pacific ocean but the way of cooking is different. Of course, it is similar with Spanish way sometimes but simple grilled fish is also great!

I will go back to Santiago tomorrow and have to think how to spend next 4 days in Chile. I am totally lazy to take long trip to another city…but if I cannot find any special plan, it is enough to enjoy days in Chile more few days if I can get wine and seafood, and funny tourists like last few days.


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