Good-bye Zanzibar, new days in Arusha


After 3 weeks in Zanzibar, I said good-bye to funny friends.
Thanks to them, I really enjoyed the days in Paje. They called me “Karinbe”, it means “Good friend” in tribal language.
Last few days, every neighbors called me “Karinbe” when thay saw me.
I left Paje in the early morning. The owner of hostel, “UFUKWE BUNGALOWS”, saw me off to the port in the Stone town.
“We all will miss you, Karinbe. When you come back here next time, I will give you the room free. Come back again, does not matter when, ok?”
Yes, I want to see them again someday and also want to show my friends such a nice place, nice people.
And I want to have good heart like them.

I took ferry from Stone town in Zanzibar to Dar Es Salaam for 2 hours. People in Dar Es Salaam was also kind.
There was no problem if I took walk on daytime, however it was impossible to go out after 7 p.m., had to be careful about safety.
This is reality of city in Africa. I stayed on night in Dar Es Salaam and took bus to Arusha for 10 hours.
Only 30 USD but the quality of Dar Express, most of tourists used was good. I enjoyed beautiful view from bus on the way, never got bored.
The green mountains and blus sky reminded me northern area in my country though the weather was different.
Arusha is near Kilimanjaro and higher than our highest mountain Fuji. There are a lot of Masai villages near by.
I visited one village, 30 min from Arusha by local bus. There was market, I could find many vegetables, fruits or clothes…everything.
Masai people also welcomed us with warm mind.

I remembered one word from one of my friends in Paje. “We have clean heart” he told me in the first day there.
At that time, I did not believe his opinion because I also met some people who was not like that even if they told me they were good person.
However,I can say most of people in Tanzania have really good heart, warm mind.
Actually, I was afraid to come here when I was in London because I had read a lot of bad cases about this country from Internet or guide books.
Nothing happened to me. If you can keep in your mind to be careful about some things, definitely you can enjoy to stay in Tanzania.

My days in Arusha was just started. I suppose I will be able to find more interesting things in this country.


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