Beach vs Village in Zanzibar


One week has passed and I started to know about economic here, Paje, Zanzibar in Tanzania.
There is a big economic gap between beach and village. For example, you will see ten times differences about price of one meal at restaurant.
If I order one meal, rice with fish, it costs 10000TZS but in the village, only 1000TZS.
Most popular food here is “Wali” rice with beans.Local people eat Wali usually.


Some fishes…like FUGU?

I try to eat breakfast at hotel that is run by European and BLT Sand witch costs 6000TZS.
It means almost 4.5 USD…then, I decided to buy bread at shop. However, I could not find any shop near by. I asked local people about the place and a guy brought me to small factory, local people make bread there. It takes 15 minutes by walk from beach to the factory.They sale one bread 1000TZS and it becomes my breakfast for 3 days.
I can get bread with local price but how about another thing? I found only one super market in Paje. The price was almost same price with Japan or more expensive…I only bought Jam and water for breakfast…2L bottle of water costs 1000TZS. However in the restaurant, the price become double.

One day, I talked with a local guy, he asked me if I need some fruits. The price was 5000TZS, one pain apple and some passion fruits or Mango. I asked him some questions about job here. He worked as a bar tender before and he earned only 100 USD for one month.
He needs 250 USD for one month without any problem for living. Most of owners of the hotel or restaurant are from Europe and they hire local people as a labor but they do not pay enough money, he said. Then, he decided to quit his job and started business by himself, something like tourist center.

He also tole me about land in Zanzibar. Many European want to buy land and start some business.
One Italian try to buy land 3500USD. It is not big money for them but for local people.
I asked him why don’t they rent the land because I saw a lot of cases owner never want to sale their land but rent in Goa, India. He said they do not think about future, just focus on big money even if they can get big money only one time. They are not educated and don’t know how to plan their life, he said.

I always compare with Goa this time because the situation is similar with Zanzibar. Here in Zanzibar, they also have many beaches and many European make business. But in Goa, I could not find big economic gap between beach and village side. One of the reasons is that, there are also a lot of Indian tourist in Goa. However in Zanzibar, tourists mean only foreigners.
That’s why their price only based on Europe. And another thing is that, local people are not so used to eat outside. They do not like to eat something another people cooked because they cannot recognize the stuff for cooking is fresh or not. Most of people buy fish from fisherman and cook in their house.

I will stay here more one week with 15USD accommodation,1000TZS bread, 5000TZS fruits, 1000TZS Wali, and sometimes 10000TZS dinner on the beach…



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