Pore Pore


2nd day in Paje village in Zanzibar, Tanzania.
I still do not know how to enjoy this place. Woke up around 9 am and take a walk in the ocean.
The ocean is not deep in the morning and a lot of people try to get some fish there.
“I will go to catch octopus” A fisherman showed me what kind of things can they get in this place.
He showed me “Uni (Japanese)” but they do not eat it.
After that I visited one hostel that is run by a Japanese woman. She is famous person here and
every local people told me about her. I could not see her this time but I found some Japanese menu in her restaurant.
It is fany that I can find only one Japanese in this small village becasue I will also try to take same way with her.
Living in small village and no Japanese there, make small business…I am looking forward seeing her.
Enjoyed swimming and took a nap afternoon, asked dinner. Food here is good. Fresh fish and rice, some vegetable.
But it is not cheap…around 8 USD for one meal and my guest house charges 15 USD for one night.
Actually, everyone said 15 USD is cheap because hight season has already started here. Another guy paid 25 USD for same room with me.
I could get discount because of long stay here.
At night, I went out with some local guys for playing pull. In some places, I should be careful about local guys.
Especially,I have only stayed 2 days here yet and less information about this place.
However, the guys are kind and easy going. “We have clean heart” One of them said, I hope it will not be broken after few days.
People say “Pore Pore” ,means something like “Easy Going” Everyone looks kind and warm. Old man who cannot speak English said to me
“Welcome home” when I saw him first time.

Missing India storongly, because here also have similar view with Benaulim.
But I am tring to enjoy Indian ocean in Africa now. Days in Africa planned for 2 months has just started.



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