Second quarter was finished


Second chapter, Europe/North Africa
Ukraine: Ivano-frankivsk, Kiev
Poland: Warsaw,Krakow
Czech: Prague
Hungary: Budapest
Croatia: Zagreb,Cres island
France: Paris, Strasbourg
Morocco: Marrakesh,Fes,Tanger
Spain: Tarifa,Malaga,Barcelona

**Special Thanks to**
Slavik,Oksana,Tanya from Ivano-frankivsk
Viktoria from Budapest, Maria from Bulgaria, Bernard from Brooklyn
Tina,Kajiura-san from Zagreb
My cousins from France
Cristina from Spain, Candela from Argentina, Monica from Costa rica

I will leave to London the end of this month and 3rd chapter in Africa will be started from Tanzania next month!

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  1. SKY より:

    Congratulations!!!! You are marking new pages everyday!!



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