first adventure in Paris is…


The second day in France, the first place I visited is Hospital. I needed to take vaccine in France for this long journey. And it was also long journey to finish it in hospital…

First day in Paris, I went to apothecary store and ask about nearest hospital. And next day, I tried to go the hospital by myself, took bus, train and metoro. There were no problem until reaching metoro station near the hospital. However, it took 1 hour from the station to hospital…

I did not have map and guessed it was ok if I asked someone about the place when I reached nearest station. Because the hospital is very famous one in Paris. Then, I asked information counter in the station but she could not speak English at all so I left station and asked some people on the way. Yes, they taught me very politely and helped me. But they always told me different directions each other…hm, it reminded me of India…they never said “I don’t know” even if they were not sure about the place.

After on hour, finally, I found the hospital and went to reception counter. They asked me to go to laboratory to take vaccine. Then I went there and explained about the vaccine I needed. However they said I had to prepare some document from doctor in Paris, without it, I could not take injection there. “I am sorry, but I cannot give you vaccine here.” They said.
“No way! It may be possible to find doctor who can write documentation for vaccine in this hospital. Because here is HOSPITAL!” I went back to reception counter and asked if they have the department for Japanese. My uncle had told me there was doctor from Japan. I visited Japanese department and found some Japanese doctors. They helped me to make document to laboratory. But I wondered why people in labo never told me it was possible to ask doctors here to make it…
In France, they don’t stock medicines in hospital. So I had to go to apothecary store with prescription to buy vaccine. And… went back to hospital…

I had planned to visit some museums in the morning but no motivation after that…already 4 hours had passed since I left my accommodation. The day for vaccine…it was first memory in Paris, such a beautiful city…

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  1. SKY より:

    This is one of the funniest thing about traveling. When we are at foreign country, we experience all kinds of systems.

    all the best in coming trip!!



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