Asia in Europe


I have been only one Asian in every community since I left in Turkey in July. The hostel I stay now in Budapest, there are a lot of guests from Australia, US, Germany, Bulgaria, Norway, England, Ireland. I always asked them “Have you ever been to Asia?” because I really want to talk about my place with someone sometimes. However,It is very rare to find someone who have been to. Everyone is just interested in TOKYO and they feel TOKYO is something like mysterious city.

I talked with a boy from Ireland today and he asked me “How many hours should I take if I walk whole area in Tokyo?”…It was amazing question for me. Because I have never thought like this. I answered “Well…it is impossible…actually not impossible but you should take train to go to somewhere even in only Tokyo. I guess it takes 3 or 4 hours from west to east in Tokyo.” “I see…such a big city in small country!”
But I was also surprised that most of capital city in East Europe is very small and I can take walk everywhere in the center without metro, bus or tram. For example, Prague is vary small city that’s why I feel too many tourists and easy to tired of this city though it was very beautiful place. Budapest is larger than Prague but it is also possible to walk to almost everywhere.
My friend from Bulgaria told me interesting thing about East Europe. You can find differences only in center every country but downtown is very similar because the buildings were built in the time of Soviet Union. When I was taking Hev (local train) from Budapest to Szentendre for less 1 hour, I was feeling I was in Ukraine because the view was same with there.
Another thing, I showed some people my photos taken in Asia. Especially, about India, some girls I met here were afraid to go there. “Oh my god, I am little bit shocked now. Dirty…It is totally not my place!” Many my Japanese friends go to another Asian country or also Europe. But in Europe, less people have been to Asia than us (Japanese). When I watched Hungarian movie “KONTROLL” there was one shot that Japanese talked with Hungarian. But the people looked like Chinese…I complained one Hungarian friend that “we are not like this!!”
Anyway, I always try to explain how nice Asia and they can find many differences if they only move to neighbor country in Asia. Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, India…every country has different view, food, language, and of course, mind.
And I am also very curious that how do people moved Europe from India or China feel about this place. Because I can find many Chinese restaurant and some Indian restaurant here. I talked with one guy from Kolkata in Prague. He was working in Kiosk and asked me my nationality. I still remember his expression when I talked about my impression of India. I could understand he was missing his place.
It is not easy to live in another culture. Days in Europe made me notice about it.

Hungarian Movie “KONTROLL”


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