Cable Car in Lisboa, Portugal


“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”
“When in Lisboa, do as the Lisboan do.”

In the first morning in Lisboa, Big sound like train made me wake up. The room I stayed belonged to the line of cable car. The first car of the day was running near my room. I did not know the hotel is next to the line because I had arrived Lisboa midnight and just asked to book the cheap one at the information counter in the airport.

Lisboa consists of slopes. In this town, usually use cable car to climb long slope. However it’s strange that no Asian people used it though there were some people from Asia. I had only seen some European took it. In the cable car, people spoke different languages each other because most of all people were tourists. Spanish, German, Italian, English…everyone sat small seat with no space between each other. It was nice.

Try taking it when you visit Lisboa like people there. The view from it makes you feel original part of this town.


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